Mahi Sall

Bank-Fintech Partnership Expert and Global Startup Mentor in Berlin, Germany

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I have been in the financial services industry for over 10 years, on three continents, with C-suite experience and a global exposure. Most recently, I’ve focused on bank-fintech partnerships and corporate innovation within the banking space while helping startups build and grow their business.

I provide strategic insights, connections and applied knowledge to entrepreneurs in Fintech and other verticals helping them get access to, engage with and make the most out of their interplay with strategic partners the likes of investors and corporates.

If I am not working with entrepreneurs, I may well be speaking at conferences, delivering masterclasses or simply listening to a good podcast/audiobook...or tinkering with my own startup ideas.

I always like to connect with entrepreneurs, innovators, and alike - get in touch!

Mahi joined Fintech Europe's champions team within Deutsche Bank and since day one has been highly effective. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Fintech and adjacent areas of Innovation. A pleasure to work with him.
Fernando Zornig, Director & Board Member @ Plug and Play Tech Center
It has been such a pleasure getting mentorship support from Mahi. As a startup and female founder in a male dominated industry in Africa, well, the challenges are immense! However, with Mahi's patient, consistent and motivational advice in the back of my mind after 12 weeks of check ins, I felt ready to conquer the world. He gave constructive feedback on my business plan, broke down entrepreneurship concepts and jargon and gave me a powerful reading list to equip me for success.
Nana Spio-Garbrah, Founder Blueprint Africa
I was fortunate to have Mahi as mentor during the 2019 edition of The World Bank’s startup competition ‘Le Marathon du Sahel’ aimed at selecting 5 regional champions out of 14 startups representing 7 countries in Africa. Uncompromising, Mahi demonstrated a high degree of professionalism during the 42 day-marathon. He taught me how to pitch, to synthesize and get to the point. We placed first in Mauritania and won one of the 5 awards at the regional finals - thanks to Mahi’s help.
Mohamed Baba, Co-founder Toogga Alimentation Animale